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Soundproof Drywalling

Soundproof Drywalling

Dividing a room or section of house ( reduces noise of people talking )
Soundproofing drywalling for Boardrooms | Directors office | Accounting offices
Office in warehouse | Office in Packing plant
Office in production area.
- Soundroof drywalling is Fire resistance up to 30- 120 minutes.
- Acoustic stud option for enhanced acoustic performance
- Range of stud options to match performance requirements
- High levels of sound insulation with minimum space utilization
- Lightweight system solutions
- Accommodates services within the drywall cavity
Soundproof drywalling System is a non-load bearing, single frame drywall system that provides high levels of sound insulation. The system can be specified in many types of buildings, both new-build and refurbishment.

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soundproof drywall

Soundproof Drywalling

fireproof drywall

Fireproof Drywalling

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